Thursday, 23 October 2008

A whole week

Gosh my weeks go fast these days. It scares me it really does.

On Monday (payday, woo!) I placed a wholesale order. I ordered the basics, tiger tail, headpins, crimps but I also was naughty and ordered some Swarovski crystals and some lamp work beads. I forgot the necklace ends and display pins but meh, I'll get them elsewhere. I also ordered some gorgeous silver plated Bali style beads. I love them they look so good with vibrant coloured beads. I should get my order either tomorrow or Monday. I hope it's tomorrow I have no plans at the weekend so I could make loads and loads and loads.... Is it normal to get so excited by this? I'm 26 shouldn't I be out with my friends in a bar? If I had any money ever I would be, but I wouldn't drink much so I could get up early, make a pot of tea and get out my lovely little pliers!

I'm going to have a Jewellery party at a local cricket club at the end of November and I want to sell as much of the plated Jewellery as possible to earn enough to buy silver. I don't want to use plated any more. It's great when you get started because its comparatively cheap and you can perfect your skills but no matter how careful you are it will eventually tarnish and I want my customers to keep my pieces forever and get lots of use out of them.

I have now set up my Etsy shop but I still haven't listed any items because I can't get a decent picture of them. Also I think I'm only going to sell silver and gold pieces on there, I think. I might sell some older pieces cheapish. Oh I don't know. Maybe I'll just have two sections, a precious metal page and a plated metal page.

My brain hurts, I need a cuppa.


Laura said...

You sound as if your head is truly a-buzz with ideas which is always a good thing!

Looking forward to seeing the jewellery you create with all your new supplies. :o)

karisma said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are the creative wee girl aren't you! You remind me a bit of my oldest daughter!

You can visit her here.....

She is very creative like yourself! (Well all my kids are, I have hopes for Gameboy who is a bit lax in that department! Computer nerd! LOL!)

Simms???? My girls all loved that! So does my sister in law! Can't wait to see your jewelery, will check out your etsy shop!

Advice from the old farts....go with lots of crystals! Crystals will sell well with everyone!

karisma said...

Okay I see you have not set up the etsy shop yet! Let me know when you do and I will come visit. Okay?

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