Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wow is it really Easter already? So it's officially spring and am I glad to see the back of Winter. I don't care if it snows or rains, in my head it's spring. It's been a crazy few months, winter is the busiest time of year at work and it has been seriously crazy this year with the extreme temperatures. Team that with the launch of a new business, jewellery designing and endless craft fairs and you've got a hectic few months. On Sunday I attended my first craft fair of the new year as a seller only. It was a little quiet but as always a good day out. I have another one this Saturday at Pudsey. I was surprised to see just how little stock I currently have but as I now work exclusively in silver it's hard to have a large amount of stock as it's so expensive.

So this week I am going to make as many lovely new pieces as possible ready for Saturdays market.

Then on Monday it's James' birthday. Not sure how we will be celebrating yet, that probably depends on how successful Saturday is!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Moonlight cascade

This weekend I have said goodbye to two of my favourite pieces. I've obviously happy about this but I'm also a little sad, I'm going to miss them!

Well I finally got round to making myself a bracelet, I still haven't managed a necklace but I'm getting there. I've used Swarovski 6mm bicones in Crystal moonlight. It's actually a bit too big for me, how I've managed that I don't know! I've made it specifically for a murder mystery evening, James' mum bought me a lovely navy chiffon dress and it compliments it brilliantly, also the dress is a size 10 and fits perfectly!

Moonlight cascade

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy first day of spring!

Wow this weekend has gone fast! Friday night I met up with Carrie for a couple of drinks which turned into considerably more than that! I had a great time, it was a lot of fun. Saturday morning however was not, it wasn't the worst hangover I've ever had but it wasn't great. Carrie and I went out to check out some potential venues for fairs. We are very keen to get a lot of dates booked up quickly so we can start to advertise. We are already booking venues for Christmas!

By yesterday evening I was so exhausted but we went to Asda and did our weekly shop. Bought GI Joe on DVD (A decision we would come to regret) and came home and somehow I managed to stay awake for the duration of the waste of £7 film.

This morning Carrie and I went to the gym. it's been too long since I went last and I got tired easily, still I went and I'm glad. Achieving small goals and taking positive actions really increases motivation. I'm not focusing on my large goals, they're always there in my mind but I like to look to the smaller, attainable goals.

Afterwards James and I went to Crofton Heronry tor a walk. It was nice to have some time with James, at the moment I seem to be doing a lot of things without him so it was nice to just have a walk around the lake.

Afterwards we visited James' parents and came home now I'm here, talking to you!

Carrie has been working hard building a website tonight so hopefully very soon we'll be able to show you that too.

The next event we have planned is at Oakwell Hall on the 6th June. We are going to book a venue between then and now somewhere soon. We have a lot more venues to see and a lot of them look really promising. Oakwell hall is am amazing venue, we have big plans for advertising and we are really confident that any fairs we hold there will be incredibly successful.

I'm feeling good at the moment. There are a lot of positive things in my life and things are only getting better. If only I didn't have work in the morning things would be pretty darn perfect!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Simply charming

I've recently developed a love of Charm Bracelets. Although some people have looked at them and said "they're not charm bracelets" I think they are, the "charms" are crystals.

I've run out of Fuscia and Amethyst crystals so I'll have to complete this later when I have more

This one will have Colorado topaz and golden shadow crystals on it

I love green and purple together.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Beautiful day

I can't believe how gorgeous the weather is today. I think I speak for the rest of the country when I say "at last!". I've just been out in the garden with a couple of pieces and taken some photos.
The weather was great yesterday too but I didn't see much of it as it was our second craft fair. It was a little quieter this time, maybe because of the weather. It was the first really good weekend day for months and I would have probably gone out somewhere myself.
I've had today off work and it's been lovely. I got up at leisure (about 10am he he) and went out into the garden to take some piccies. I can't quite explain just how lovely it is to see such bright blue skies.

Unfortunately it's back to work tomorrow which is a shame, I love days at home!
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