Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling great!

I am just loving the fact that things are going so well for me at the moment. I had a successful weekend at the markets, I've got a market booked for this Saturday, a full weekend of them booked for the week after and so on. I've listed new items on Etsy and opened a shop at Coriandr (Which is wonderfully easy to use) and I've ordered some new display equipment. I've also been tweeting to try advertise my wares.
I know that I have neglected my blog and other sites over the past few months and I need to change that. The only difficulty is that I tend to get hooked on forums and things and I run the risk of my husband forgetting who I am. Work, business and home, it's tough to balance it but if I put the effort into this now one day I can eliminate work and only have two things to balance.

All of the markets are made so much easier by James for just being there. He's only missed one market and that was for our great nephews christening. He doesn't have to stay with me while I'm there but he does anyway and I am so grateful. Maybe it's cause he knows that if all goes to plan he'll have a housewife, cooking and cleaning all day, dinner on the (coffee) table when he gets home, gingham apron and everything!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Branching out

I have to admit Artsmix has provided me with some great selling opportunities however I feel that I also need to be looking elsewhere. I'll continue with Artsmix but in between I'll be trying other markets and fairs. One such even is "The Stalls" Arts and Crafts Fair which I've been introduced to recently. The stalls are reasonably priced and the venue is Leeds Town Hall which is obviously inside and a well known location.

If you are in the area I'd recommend you go over to Natasha's blog and take a look. As you'll see from the pictures there are some really wonderful products on sale. I'm excited, it's going to be a great day!

New items on Etsy

I've put a few items on Etsy today like these bracelets both made with sterling silver findings.


Butter Jade
I really need to promote my Etsy shop more. I realised earlier today that I don't even have a link to it on my blog! How ridiculous is that? Well now I do. I think my blog needs a revamp hmmm, where to start!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Shooby dooby dah, can't think of a title!

Whew! This weekend has been a busy one. Craft markets all weekend at the Dragon Boat Race & Planet Leeds Festival. It was good but not as busy as I'd hoped but I covered my costs and made enough on top to book a couple more stalls. I'm still a million miles away from actually taking a wage. At the moment it's all going back in especially as I'm making mostly semi precious pieces. It's difficult at the moment because I've got enough stock, I don't really need to make more until I sell more, but that's the bit I love. I really need to put my money into new markets and display items.

Once again I met some really lovely people, I met Bianca at Twinklebug and Amy at Button Bazaar . Both ladies produce wonderfully unique and beautiful pieces and they're also both really lovely. You should definitely check them out.

Other than that there isn't much to tell you about, other than I almost bought a laptop on credit the other day till James stopped me. He was right to do so, paying £500 for a £280 computer is a bit daft. He did say that I shouldn't buy one as maaayyybeee someone might like to buy me one for Christmas! Only 179days, 2hours and 44 minutes to go!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Another order

So I needed to buy some sterling silver ear wires for this weekends markets so I had a look at my suppliers retail site. It was going to cost about £30 for a few ear wires some head pins and some plated metal wires so I decided it made more sense to spend £70 wholesale and get shed loads more stuff for my money, so that's what I did. The order will be processed tomorrow and I'll get it the day after giving me Thursday and Friday nights to make the jewellery. So I bought SS wire, ear wires (the wire my supplier sells is just not strong enough to make my own) heart shaped SS chain (makes gorgeous extenders) and a few more gemstones. Yay, I can't wait!

I did however under estimate the amount of wire that you need to make a necklace. I've always used plated metal wire in the past which you don't worry too much about using up but I'm very precious with the silver. My wire wrapping has come along in the last couple of days, mainly because this weekend I finally bought some round nose pliers! Last night while watching The Biggest Loser Australia I made a lovely necklace made with Rose Quartz, blue topaz and blue lace agate. It's very pretty and as soon as I get chance I'll take some piccys of it.

Well, my salmon is cooked so it's off to have tea and then make another pretty in front of the biggest loser!

Ta ta!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Market Mayhem

Well things are on the up! I've now done five Artsmix markets and each time I've had more sales than the last. Sales have been mixed, I've sold lots or pairs of £2.00 earrings but I've also sold some of the more expensive pieces. Sundays Pudsey market was so successful that I have been able to do a big order of Sterling silver wire, gemstones and Swarovski crystals which should be delivered tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to getting it! I decided the other day that my wire wrapping was getting good enough to start with silver. It's so expensive that I didn't want to mess it up.

It feels so good to see things start to go really well, there's still a long way to self employment but persistence is the key. All I need to do now is get online more and keep up to Etsy. I need to tweet, blog and re list and post on Etsy! I think I need a laptop otherwise James may forget who I am LOL!!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Lovely lovelies

I love meeting new people, especially crafty creative people. I find it hugely inspiring to speak with other jewellery designers so yesterday for that reason was a great day. I attended the Artsmix Jewellery Showcase at the Loft in Leeds. It's a great venue, lovely new york apartment style interior with over sized arched windows and exposed brick work. The downside however was the lack of customers. It's a little off the beaten track, just outside Leeds City Centre, you wouldn't wander there accidental which is unfortunate as accidental customer are an important part of retail, especially in today's financial climate.

Once James and I had set up the table I had a wander around. Being a showcase everyone was selling jewellery which could have been a disaster but everyone had vastly different styles. Some of the pieces on sale were really wonderful. From the whimsical http://kitschensinkuk.blogspot.com/ to the super cute http://rubyrougejewellery.blogspot.com/ to the downright gorgeous http://rachelluciejewellerydesigns.blogspot.com/ . I chatted with all of the lovely ladies above and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Sadly I still can't retire on the profits but I'm getting there, just very very very very very very slowly!

This coming Sunday I will once again be attending the Pudsey Craft market for which I am hoping for good weather as it is outside. I am a big ole wuss, last time the market was on Easter Sunday and it was really sunny but cold and as the night before was James 30th birthday I was reeeaaaaalllly hung over. I even had to throw up in a bin! Yes I reached new heights or elegance and sophistication that day.

So wish me luck, I may need it and take a look at the ladies above, you won't regret it.

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