Thursday, 9 July 2009

I've just watched day four of Torchwood and I have to say (insert welsh accent) bloody brilliant innit! Can't wait for day five!

Well I'm at the Waterfront festival this weekend but I'm a little nervous about the weather. It's forecast heavy rain. If the forecast is accurate I can see me making a big ass loss this week. We are a little skint this month so I really need to make a bit at least. Here's hoping! Still last time it was great so I'm worried yet optimistic.

I must must must remember my camera this time. I keep forgetting it.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sleepy me

Well the market didn't go as planned, it was a little quiet so I made a loss. The girl who organised it, Natasha has put so much work in and made a real effort so if I'm available for the next one I'll do it. The market was great it's just not well known enough yet but if stall holders persist then one day it will and they'll reap the rewards of their patience.

Anyhoo it's late and I'm sleepy so it's off to bed. Night night

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Feelin' hot hot hot

and I don't like it. It's 25degrees at the moment and I'm so not built for the heat. I don't get a tan, I turn into a freckle. I'm sure many of you, especially you guys and gals down under will wonder what the fuss is about. 25 degrees is hardly tropical but me no likey. I'm a big puny wuss! A few more days like this and I'll be praying for an early winter.

I've had a crap few days but I won't go into detail. Lets just say that small minded people really p**s me off. Why pass judgement on everyone else when you yourself are so obviously flawed? Self righteousness is not the way forward, live a little and stop taking yourself so bloody seriously!

Ahhhhhh, that's better. I just hate that one person can have such a massive effect on my mood. It's not a member of my family or a friend I shouldn't care really, but for some weird reason I do.

Never mind, market on Saturday and our nephew and his girlfriends 21st birthday party in the evening. Should be fun, I get to break out my new killer heels, I should take pictures.
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