Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Hey, I know a lot of you crafters use Etsy. It looks really good and I have registered as a buyer. I am going to register as a seller as soon as my husband gives me his credit card details (you need one to register and I don't have one) Is it as good as it looks? Is it well known amongst non-crafters? I suspect I will be spending most of the weekend setting it up and taking photos.

Last week was a more productive week that the previous one. I've made a few pieces but once again i'm running out of tigertail, headpins, clasps and crimps. I really want to make some pieces with rich deep colours. I'd love to find some really nice deep burgundy dichroic glass beads but sadly this month we have some big bills and I can only afford the basics. Unfortunately the majority of my beads are pinks and pale blues and other pastels. Lovely colours but I'm a little bored of using them and there comes a point when you exhaust their potential. Also I like to follow the seasons, I change my colours accordingly.

I went to see my mum the other day and showed her my full collection. She was amazed. She said she had never realised how good I was. My skills are improving though. At my first jewellery party a year ago I sold lots of similar things but with different beads. My range is more diverse. I've also gained more knowledge about beads. I bought plain glass beads wholesale at first. Now i tend to buy a few really special beads and mix them with the simpler stuff. I love lampwork beads.My only problem now is that working with Tigertail is so much quicker and easier than the wire linked jewellery I used to make. I'm going to make some charm bracelets tonight and then phone charms and key rings the night after.


Gillian said...

Can't wait to see your new beadworks! I've just joined Etsy too and have bought a few things - its very safe and very active especially among other crafters!

April Ellis said...

Hi Gillian. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear it, it just seems too good to be true. I really need to pull my socks up and take some pictures. X

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