Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What do you do for a living?

I was sitting at home last night making a rather lovely red charm bracelet (despite saying yesterday that i didn't have any red beads i found a few swarovski crystals I had forgotten i had and teamed it with some red glass beads and some haematite) photos to follow, and i started to wonder just how many crafters are self employed. I don't mean people whose partners earn enough that they don't have to work or stay at home mums. I mean people who need a second wage and earn that through their craft. I have mentioned many times that I would love to leave my day job (even though I enjoy it) and make a living selling my jewellery. I mean wouldn't that be great, get up make a cuppa, head of to the studio (at the moment living room, eventually kitted out spare bedroom) and spend the day making and selling online? Of course there would be paper work to do, self assesment tax, website up keep, posting orders, taking pictures, craft fairs and such. Aww I'd really love to sell at a craft fair but I can't find any with availability. I was considering organising one at my local cricket club but it's a little scary cause I don't know any local crafters, I haven't got public liability insurance yet, would people even come? I'd love it so much cause I love the interaction, I'm a real chatterbox and if I do say so myself I'm great at customer service.

Ooohhh the thought of it makes me so excited. James has told me that I have to equal my wage for 12 months and once I have done that I can resign. He says that I need to see the seasonal peaks and troughs. Like January probably isn't a great month for selling but November and December are. He is right although I used to be a manager at paperchase so I understand retail trends.

But i'd really love to know, is it possible?

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