Sunday, 26 October 2008

Best news ever!!!!! Oh and my Etsy shop is up

I'm going to be a God Mother! Yey! My brother Andrew and his lovely girlfriend have asked me to be my nephew Joshua's godmother. I'm so happy, he is so adorable. Here he is with his uncle and soon to be Godfather Simon

Last night just after the sun had begun it's decent and just before it left us with shockingly premature darkness the redbrick houses at the back of my house started to glow. They were a gorgeous shade of red against the grey oppressive sky. Unfortunately the photos don't do it justice at all. So for all you overseas readers, this is what an English terraced street looks like. It's not the most beautiful view from a spare room but I still love to gaze out towards the fields and the farm house. The chap who owns the house also has a helicopter and I watch him land it sometimes. And no, I don't live on Coronation Street!

I'm so excited to be on Etsy. I've only got two items on there at the moment but I'm going to get some pictures taken today on my lunch break and get some more on tonight. The sun is streaming through my windows today and the beads look gorgeous in the light. Unfortunately once again the pictures don't do it justice. So as I have to prove to my Husband that I can make a living out of this. He has faith in me but we have to pay the mortgage and the many other ever increasing bills so it's about more than just believing in me. So from December the 1st my 12 month quest begins. If I am successful, in December 2009 I will be able to leave full time office work and work from home. Oh, the chills of excitement that scurry up my spine when I say that out loud.

This one is called Candy. The sunlight made the smaller beads look pink and translucent but indoor they are matt purple. I love this necklace it looks great with jeans and s simple T shirt

I haven't given this one a name yet. Any suggestions. It's Haematite and Swarovski Crystals and it twinkles like stars. Maybe I could call it Starry night!

This one is called Purple Haze. It's a mixture of Glass swarovski and glass pearls. It's very rich in colour although it looks a little washed out here.

A mixture


karisma said...

Congratulations! And what a little sweetie he is!

Your jewelery looks amazing, I especially like the purple one! Very nice!

Gillian said...

Your etsy shop is great - really impressive and beautiful work! I'm hoping to take the plunge soon too!

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