Thursday, 23 October 2008

Random stuff

Stick with me on this one...

I have recently developed an obsession for bracelets. I think it's the instant gratification. They don't take long to make and don't use up too many beads. I used to make earrings all the time probably for the same reason but that was before the days of Tiger tail. I must make some Necklaces soon. I'm wearing a gorgeous bracelet today, I'll take a picture when I get home. It's a silver charm bracelet with Fuchsia, dark purple, teal, emerald and silver shade Swarovski crystals. I'm wearing a teal shirt and it goes well.
Actually, I've got my legs out today which is very unusual. I do like skirts but I have a great pair of Monsoon trousers which look nice and are so comfy and I wear them all the time for work but now and again they have to be washed! It's so hard to find decent trousers that fit nicely. I'm only 5'4" and petite trousers are always too short but regular tend to be a tad long. So given that I can not sew to save my life (I plan to learn soon) every time I buy some I have to pay to have the hems taken up!
I decided to change the look of my blog again. I'm feeling Autumnal and was sick of my banner. I'm just waiting for my hub and his friend to make my logo. I want it in various colours, so I can change it with the seasons.
I'd love to live in Canada, it looks beautiful. I definitely want to visit there some day. I was almost born a Canadian actually. My Mum and Dad were going to move to Calgary before I was born but they stayed here and later divorced. Also during world War Two my Grandma was due to be evacuated to Canada but her mother wouldn't let her go. My Grandma tells me that the boat the evacuees sailed on was attacked by a German U boat and everyone on board died. I'm glad neither went, because after my mum and dad divorced mum married again and had my youngest brother Simon. He wouldn't be here if they had gone and the reasons for my Gran not going are obvious!
British Columbia
I'd also love to visit New England. I'd love to visit both in Winter, Oh and New York City.

Rhode Island
Central Park NYCStill with me?


Gillian said...

I love the new look blogpage and snowy Central Park picture!

Jane said...

Stunning pic! said...

Wow! You need to be selling this photo on Etsy! It's great!!!

My question for you do I make my blog look lovely like yours? How to???

By the way, my Etsy store sold from a FREE ad on Craigslist in my local area ten minutes after I posted it. :)

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