Friday, 3 October 2008

No jewellery

I haven't made anything for a few days now and I'm missing my little pliers. I made a gorgeous bracelet the other day and it broke when I tried to put it on. The fastener came off. I must have opened the end crimp when I fastened the calotte over it. I do check for that before I sell any, all items are quality checked.

I have had couple of items back in for repair but it's usually a particularly delicate item that has been caught and pulled and a jump ring has opened, something like that. Sometimes people don't realise that you have to look after your handmade pretties.

I made a beautiful copper bracelet with Swarovski crystals and handmade figure of eight links. A lady who had bought it brought it back to me to demonstrate that if she pulled hard enough the links opened and the bracelet fell apart. I asked her under what normal circumstance would a bracelet undergo such an action. She told me that she had caught it on a door handle and it had fallen off and that this wasn't good enough. I offered her a repair or her money back and informed her that any bracelet or necklace that I made will open under that kind of force. I recently had to buy a medicalert bracelet because of my epilepsy and they use jump rings so that if you catch it on machinery, your arm wont get ripped off! She took the bracelet home.

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