Friday, 31 October 2008


This Saturday I'm going to a belated Halloween party at my friends house. I'm very excited because my costume is ace, if I do say so myself. It's a masquerade party but you have to make your own mask and have a costume to complement it. So I made a beaded wire mask. I bought two black plastic necklaces from Primark, pulled them apart and wove the beads along with a few 6m bicone swarovski Crystal AB beads ( I know, plastic and swarovski don't really go together!) onto a wire frame and this is the result.

Not great pictures but you get the idea.

So I based my costume around the mask. At first I wanted to make a masquerade ball type gown however when I went shopping I realised that Victoriana is very fashionable at the moment. So I went to Primark and bought a purple and black shirt with a black corset bottom, the above mentioned beads and a gorgeous Victorian style necklace which I'll take a piccy of asap. One of the necklaces that I dismantled came with a flower broach made from lace. So I went to the market and bought some deep purple velour for the skirt. Seeing the victoriana influenced fashions made me decide to go as a Tim Burtonesque Victorian ghost. The dress is quite Gothic looking and if I make my skin even paler (if that's alt all possible) and exaggerate the already existing dark circles around my eyes it should all work pretty well. Below is a representation of the costume. I apologise for the poor image. I used paint!

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Stella said...

You blog is interesting! Well done! You have a good taste for beauty. Also thanks for adding Crystalgirl in your blog list!

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