Friday, 31 October 2008


This Saturday I'm going to a belated Halloween party at my friends house. I'm very excited because my costume is ace, if I do say so myself. It's a masquerade party but you have to make your own mask and have a costume to complement it. So I made a beaded wire mask. I bought two black plastic necklaces from Primark, pulled them apart and wove the beads along with a few 6m bicone swarovski Crystal AB beads ( I know, plastic and swarovski don't really go together!) onto a wire frame and this is the result.

Not great pictures but you get the idea.

So I based my costume around the mask. At first I wanted to make a masquerade ball type gown however when I went shopping I realised that Victoriana is very fashionable at the moment. So I went to Primark and bought a purple and black shirt with a black corset bottom, the above mentioned beads and a gorgeous Victorian style necklace which I'll take a piccy of asap. One of the necklaces that I dismantled came with a flower broach made from lace. So I went to the market and bought some deep purple velour for the skirt. Seeing the victoriana influenced fashions made me decide to go as a Tim Burtonesque Victorian ghost. The dress is quite Gothic looking and if I make my skin even paler (if that's alt all possible) and exaggerate the already existing dark circles around my eyes it should all work pretty well. Below is a representation of the costume. I apologise for the poor image. I used paint!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Best news ever!!!!! Oh and my Etsy shop is up

I'm going to be a God Mother! Yey! My brother Andrew and his lovely girlfriend have asked me to be my nephew Joshua's godmother. I'm so happy, he is so adorable. Here he is with his uncle and soon to be Godfather Simon

Last night just after the sun had begun it's decent and just before it left us with shockingly premature darkness the redbrick houses at the back of my house started to glow. They were a gorgeous shade of red against the grey oppressive sky. Unfortunately the photos don't do it justice at all. So for all you overseas readers, this is what an English terraced street looks like. It's not the most beautiful view from a spare room but I still love to gaze out towards the fields and the farm house. The chap who owns the house also has a helicopter and I watch him land it sometimes. And no, I don't live on Coronation Street!

I'm so excited to be on Etsy. I've only got two items on there at the moment but I'm going to get some pictures taken today on my lunch break and get some more on tonight. The sun is streaming through my windows today and the beads look gorgeous in the light. Unfortunately once again the pictures don't do it justice. So as I have to prove to my Husband that I can make a living out of this. He has faith in me but we have to pay the mortgage and the many other ever increasing bills so it's about more than just believing in me. So from December the 1st my 12 month quest begins. If I am successful, in December 2009 I will be able to leave full time office work and work from home. Oh, the chills of excitement that scurry up my spine when I say that out loud.

This one is called Candy. The sunlight made the smaller beads look pink and translucent but indoor they are matt purple. I love this necklace it looks great with jeans and s simple T shirt

I haven't given this one a name yet. Any suggestions. It's Haematite and Swarovski Crystals and it twinkles like stars. Maybe I could call it Starry night!

This one is called Purple Haze. It's a mixture of Glass swarovski and glass pearls. It's very rich in colour although it looks a little washed out here.

A mixture

Thursday, 23 October 2008

negative blogs

I love reading blogs but if the first couple of posts are negative then I don't tend to go back there. Don't get me wrong I don't expect everyone to be super positive all the time and I do complain myself but I think you can take it too far. I look for inspiration when I read, not depression.

All the blogs that I follow inspire me in some way whether creatively or emotionally. Above all they are all what I consider to be good people, nice people who are kind enough to let us into their lives, even for just a moment.

Follow the links, I know you'll agree.

Random stuff

Stick with me on this one...

I have recently developed an obsession for bracelets. I think it's the instant gratification. They don't take long to make and don't use up too many beads. I used to make earrings all the time probably for the same reason but that was before the days of Tiger tail. I must make some Necklaces soon. I'm wearing a gorgeous bracelet today, I'll take a picture when I get home. It's a silver charm bracelet with Fuchsia, dark purple, teal, emerald and silver shade Swarovski crystals. I'm wearing a teal shirt and it goes well.
Actually, I've got my legs out today which is very unusual. I do like skirts but I have a great pair of Monsoon trousers which look nice and are so comfy and I wear them all the time for work but now and again they have to be washed! It's so hard to find decent trousers that fit nicely. I'm only 5'4" and petite trousers are always too short but regular tend to be a tad long. So given that I can not sew to save my life (I plan to learn soon) every time I buy some I have to pay to have the hems taken up!
I decided to change the look of my blog again. I'm feeling Autumnal and was sick of my banner. I'm just waiting for my hub and his friend to make my logo. I want it in various colours, so I can change it with the seasons.
I'd love to live in Canada, it looks beautiful. I definitely want to visit there some day. I was almost born a Canadian actually. My Mum and Dad were going to move to Calgary before I was born but they stayed here and later divorced. Also during world War Two my Grandma was due to be evacuated to Canada but her mother wouldn't let her go. My Grandma tells me that the boat the evacuees sailed on was attacked by a German U boat and everyone on board died. I'm glad neither went, because after my mum and dad divorced mum married again and had my youngest brother Simon. He wouldn't be here if they had gone and the reasons for my Gran not going are obvious!
British Columbia
I'd also love to visit New England. I'd love to visit both in Winter, Oh and New York City.

Rhode Island
Central Park NYCStill with me?

A whole week

Gosh my weeks go fast these days. It scares me it really does.

On Monday (payday, woo!) I placed a wholesale order. I ordered the basics, tiger tail, headpins, crimps but I also was naughty and ordered some Swarovski crystals and some lamp work beads. I forgot the necklace ends and display pins but meh, I'll get them elsewhere. I also ordered some gorgeous silver plated Bali style beads. I love them they look so good with vibrant coloured beads. I should get my order either tomorrow or Monday. I hope it's tomorrow I have no plans at the weekend so I could make loads and loads and loads.... Is it normal to get so excited by this? I'm 26 shouldn't I be out with my friends in a bar? If I had any money ever I would be, but I wouldn't drink much so I could get up early, make a pot of tea and get out my lovely little pliers!

I'm going to have a Jewellery party at a local cricket club at the end of November and I want to sell as much of the plated Jewellery as possible to earn enough to buy silver. I don't want to use plated any more. It's great when you get started because its comparatively cheap and you can perfect your skills but no matter how careful you are it will eventually tarnish and I want my customers to keep my pieces forever and get lots of use out of them.

I have now set up my Etsy shop but I still haven't listed any items because I can't get a decent picture of them. Also I think I'm only going to sell silver and gold pieces on there, I think. I might sell some older pieces cheapish. Oh I don't know. Maybe I'll just have two sections, a precious metal page and a plated metal page.

My brain hurts, I need a cuppa.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Dead batteries

I've borrowed my brothers digital camera and the batteries are dead. It's such a shame cause the sky is so pretty right now. It's blue, yey, with fluffy marsh mallow clouds and a big grapefruit sun. Okay, so now I sound like a four year old, it's good though.

Stuff I like

My tea cup. My mum bought it for me on a day trip to Bakewell.

My Jimmy with my gorgeous little nephew

A wedding day picture of my hubster. Hmmmm
My wedding dress. I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. Nothing else came close!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Here lies a rant post. It is no more because we must not dwell. I'm over it :)

Blog Award

Thank you so much Gillian over at for giving me this award
The "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around the World Award" highlights blogs that are special in some way and extends the hand of friendship around the world! I will now pass on the award to eight of my favourite blogs and the recipients should do the same.
Thanks again Gillian. x

What do you do for a living?

I was sitting at home last night making a rather lovely red charm bracelet (despite saying yesterday that i didn't have any red beads i found a few swarovski crystals I had forgotten i had and teamed it with some red glass beads and some haematite) photos to follow, and i started to wonder just how many crafters are self employed. I don't mean people whose partners earn enough that they don't have to work or stay at home mums. I mean people who need a second wage and earn that through their craft. I have mentioned many times that I would love to leave my day job (even though I enjoy it) and make a living selling my jewellery. I mean wouldn't that be great, get up make a cuppa, head of to the studio (at the moment living room, eventually kitted out spare bedroom) and spend the day making and selling online? Of course there would be paper work to do, self assesment tax, website up keep, posting orders, taking pictures, craft fairs and such. Aww I'd really love to sell at a craft fair but I can't find any with availability. I was considering organising one at my local cricket club but it's a little scary cause I don't know any local crafters, I haven't got public liability insurance yet, would people even come? I'd love it so much cause I love the interaction, I'm a real chatterbox and if I do say so myself I'm great at customer service.

Ooohhh the thought of it makes me so excited. James has told me that I have to equal my wage for 12 months and once I have done that I can resign. He says that I need to see the seasonal peaks and troughs. Like January probably isn't a great month for selling but November and December are. He is right although I used to be a manager at paperchase so I understand retail trends.

But i'd really love to know, is it possible?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

No more nail ... polish

I'm so lazy when it comes to my nails. A couple of weeks ago I did a french Manicure, it was wobbly to say the least and did not survive the night intact. It chipped and smudged and looked terrible. So I removed Yes it took me two weeks to get rid of it. Actually I don't know what's going on at the moment because all of my nails are long, there isn't the odd short, snapped, broken or wonky on that I usually sport. Of course now that I have written this I'm bound to be involved in a hard object V nail incident before the day is out. I think I'll paint them tonight but I think I'll use clear this time so that I'm not sat in meetings with my fists clenched looking all aggressive when I'm really just hiding my manky nails.


Hey, I know a lot of you crafters use Etsy. It looks really good and I have registered as a buyer. I am going to register as a seller as soon as my husband gives me his credit card details (you need one to register and I don't have one) Is it as good as it looks? Is it well known amongst non-crafters? I suspect I will be spending most of the weekend setting it up and taking photos.

Last week was a more productive week that the previous one. I've made a few pieces but once again i'm running out of tigertail, headpins, clasps and crimps. I really want to make some pieces with rich deep colours. I'd love to find some really nice deep burgundy dichroic glass beads but sadly this month we have some big bills and I can only afford the basics. Unfortunately the majority of my beads are pinks and pale blues and other pastels. Lovely colours but I'm a little bored of using them and there comes a point when you exhaust their potential. Also I like to follow the seasons, I change my colours accordingly.

I went to see my mum the other day and showed her my full collection. She was amazed. She said she had never realised how good I was. My skills are improving though. At my first jewellery party a year ago I sold lots of similar things but with different beads. My range is more diverse. I've also gained more knowledge about beads. I bought plain glass beads wholesale at first. Now i tend to buy a few really special beads and mix them with the simpler stuff. I love lampwork beads.My only problem now is that working with Tigertail is so much quicker and easier than the wire linked jewellery I used to make. I'm going to make some charm bracelets tonight and then phone charms and key rings the night after.

Any one have an Umberella?

There's a light drizzly rain in the air today, I got very wet on my walk to work. There's an outdated overused Peter Kay quote I could use there, but I wont. The sky is solid mushy grey and the trees outside my window look dull and almost black in colour. Where's the golden Autumn sun that should be making them glisten and sparkle? I've had to turn on the lights in my office which I don't like to do. I prefer natural light but today, there isn't much around.

Friday, 3 October 2008

This weekend

is going to be a busy one. Tonight after work I'm going to rush home and pack up a bag and the camcorder, grab my tool box and get the bus to James' parents. We are going to download the wedding video and try and edit it. We are staying over as even though they only live 20 miles away it's a three bus journey and we haven't seen them for almost two months.

Then on Saturday night we are going to my friend Kelly's engagement party which I am very excited about because i have a new outfit and it cost me £10.50 from Primark! Yey. Then on Sunday I'm going to bake another Christmas cake as the last one didn't survive the week! LOL

The best news though is that Kelly has asked me to be a bridesmaid. I'm so happy cause I've only ever been a bridesmaid once before and it was for one of my best friends and it was the week after I had been in hospital with my epilepsy and I missed the service because it had to have an EEG. I was really sad about that, I made it to the reception. Kelly's theme is black, red and ivory which is great. She wants black bridesmaids dresses which a lot have people have turned their noses up at but I think it's ace. I have told her that she should do exactly what she wants on her big day.

Me and my beautiful bridesmaids. Two of my best friends and two of my nieces.

No jewellery

I haven't made anything for a few days now and I'm missing my little pliers. I made a gorgeous bracelet the other day and it broke when I tried to put it on. The fastener came off. I must have opened the end crimp when I fastened the calotte over it. I do check for that before I sell any, all items are quality checked.

I have had couple of items back in for repair but it's usually a particularly delicate item that has been caught and pulled and a jump ring has opened, something like that. Sometimes people don't realise that you have to look after your handmade pretties.

I made a beautiful copper bracelet with Swarovski crystals and handmade figure of eight links. A lady who had bought it brought it back to me to demonstrate that if she pulled hard enough the links opened and the bracelet fell apart. I asked her under what normal circumstance would a bracelet undergo such an action. She told me that she had caught it on a door handle and it had fallen off and that this wasn't good enough. I offered her a repair or her money back and informed her that any bracelet or necklace that I made will open under that kind of force. I recently had to buy a medicalert bracelet because of my epilepsy and they use jump rings so that if you catch it on machinery, your arm wont get ripped off! She took the bracelet home.


You can tell it's October today, I had to put my big coat on and everything!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ranty McRant

The other day I wrote a very long post ranting about a couple of things. I saved it to drafts as I didn't have time to finish it. Then the skimmed my blog and read

"At work I have my own office and one wall is entirely glass, I love it because sometimes I can just spin my chair round and gaze at the sky and the trees (and the motorway and the industrial units!) and if I'm having a difficult day I can think how small my problems are in the great scheme of things"

So, if I were to rant, I would totally contradict myself and I don't want to do that. I still think I would have been well within my rights to rant but it really doesn't matter anyway!

I wish I had a camera today. I would have loved to have captured the weather. It's been alternating between bright sunshine and heavy rain, it's been quite exciting.

I'm going to Primark tonight with a friend to buy a jumper, woo! I love shopping, although I'm not really selling it there am I?

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