Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I've never been much for self-motivation, I'd rather not do what it is I have to do if you don't mind. I'm a real one for running around at the last minute, I work better that way, under pressure, even though I know the lovely feeling of relief I get when I get something out of the way early.

At work I set myself deadlines all the time. My boss works at a different branch to me and only contacts me when she needs to so I don't have anyone looking over my shoulder and that means that I have to be quite strict with myself and get things done early.

The funny thing is that when it comes to jewellery making and crafting, i enjoy it so much that I rarely leave things, I'm still disorganised and chaotic but I get results. That's why I'm confident that I can succeed, because no other profession has ever inspired me in this way. I've never felt this enthusiastic about my career and I'm loving it.

Do you need deadlines or is it just me?


Jacqueline said...

I do set deadlines as well...sometimes is good to have one. Happy 2009!

karisma said...

Hey HEAD! Lisa here, Karisma wants to know what the hell you are doing WORKING???? Sing sing sing, create, create, create!

Watch out, Im going to have to brag about you on Karisma's little internet space! Really, I think I have adopted you or something!

Oh dear! Looks like you've been adopted. You are officially one of Karisma's kids! Its a hard luck life but hey someones gotta do it! Karisma is known for her bragging about her kids, adopted or otherwise! So watch out! Your voice is going out there!

Big hugs and smoochies xxx HAPPY NEW YEAR!

ChatElaine said...

Deadlines I live from one to the next but barely make it to each one before the next one comes along. I am so unorganised with family life and I just live from day to day!! Happy 2009 from a new follower!!

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