Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas in Cleckheaton

I was awoken several times in the night by a small voice telling me that he couldn't sleep cause they were too excited. I didn't know she had kids I hear you think. I don't, I have an over excited husband eager to open his presents from Santa Wife. So James arose at 6.30am and waited until I got up reluctantly at 7.15am. He made me a cup of tea and we began to open the presents. James has been wanting an Xbox for a while now but we couldn't afford one. Luckily the carphone Warehouse were offering free gifts when you renewed your contract so I upgraded my mobile and got a free Xbox 360 deluxe. He knew I was getting it but I still had to wrap it up and send it to Santa. I was very lucky to get the Nikon Coolpix S210 that I wanted so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more photos on here, Starting today.

Sadly, I didn't see my first White Christmas. It would have been nice to see my unkempt garden covered with snow, hiding the brambles.

But with the tree decorated

naughty treats everywhere

and Jimmy playing with his new toy, it certainly felt like Christmas.

On Christmas morning I also made a new friend. I'd like to introduce you all to Patches..

Original name don't you think! Oh and I got some beautiful shoes from Jimmy

Then we went up to my mums for a few hours and came home just in time to put the beef in the oven. I'm not really a turkey fan. So set the (coffee) table

Roast the beef, potatoes and parsnips in goose fat

Cheat with the pigs in blankets
Boil the only item with a discernible nutrition content

I couldn't miss these out, being a Yorkshire lassy

and don't forget the most important part

The finished, massive meal. I really should buy a gravy boat, the Pyrex measuring jug doesn't quite cut it.

Speaking of Christmas presents, Camera Girl, these are some of yours....

Watch out though, Patches has his eye on this one!
Matching bracelet

and an oceanic blue bracelet. When I think of Australia, these are the colours I picture

So I haven't mastered my camera just yet, although the grey British weather doesn't help!


Gillian said...

Your photographs look great! Love the oceanic blue bracelet. Looks like a lovely Christmas.

karisma said...

Okay, what kind of a pommy are you? The brussel sprouts were a bit slack there! I mean really, I cannot convince SB or the kids to eat them but I just love them. With a bit of mint sauce they taste quite nice!

Love the hubbies enthusiasm, I bet he will be tops when you have kids! Oh the excitement of it all! LOL!

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