Monday, 1 December 2008

I can't believe it's December!

I can honestly say that this year has been the briefest I have ever experienced. I know it has been a busy one what with promotion, weddings, hospital stays, honeymoons and new businesses but jeez where did it go?

I have been wondering when to put my Christmas tree up. Not this week as it will take up too much space that I need for Fridays jewellery party. It is a shame really cause it would give a great festive feel to the place. Still I'll make some hot mulled wine and get the mince pies out. It looks like I might get a good turn out on Friday, you always get last minute cancellations but that is to be expected. I'm getting really excited about it even though I know I have so much work to do for it. I have enough stock but I want to make more, I need to tidy and clean the house and then I need to set up my displays which I will do the night before having learnt not to do it on the day last time.

I also really need to get baking my Christmas cake. I made one and took it to work as it was my practice cake but it was really nice. Christmas is a coming so I better get on with it.

Are you prepared for Christmas? We did the majority of our present shopping on Saturday. We only bought for others. We can't buy for each other until we know what's in the budget. Needless to say my letter to Santa lists a digital camera and James' lists a screen printing kit. I'm a very lucky lady, not only is my husband the bestestest boy in the world he is also incredibly talented. He has recently designed a couple of T shirts and had them printed up and I must say that they are great. So I think that when he gets his kit he should start screen printing and set up his own Etsy shop.

I hope you made it to the end of this incredibly dis-jointed post.


Cal said...

I refuse to believe it is December. As far as I'm concerned it is still September and I shall wallow in denial up until the 21st. Then I shall do a fabulous impression of a headless chicken and wonder why I don't start planning earlier!

Good luck with the jewellery party :-)

April Ellis said...

LMAO. Thanks

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