Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Snow, Pearls and Freebies

Someone has told me that we are in for some serious snow tonight although the BBC news website says it's going to be sunny all day and rainy tomorrow. The weather yesterday was awful, It had snowed during the night and turned to slippy sludge, my walk to work was extremely treacherous.

I had a rather productive night last night, I made 11 pairs of rather lovely earrings and a black plated metal bracelet. I have started to make the links myself too. I realise that many jewellery makers already do this but in many respects I still think of myself as a novice. I'm really enjoying playing with the wire, twisting it and making unusually shaped links. Sometimes I make some really horrible stuff and other times I'll make something really pretty and work on the technique until I get it right. A couple of pairs of the earrings that I made last night were different to any I have made before and I love that because I often worry about becoming a one trick pony. On one hand I think that threading beads onto tiger tail is hardly difficult and that I need to develop new skills to even hope to compete in the flooded jewellery market. On the other hand I don't want to under value what I do because I know that it is more about having the eye for design and how to put beads together and create something than the twisting of wire and closing of crimps.

Tonight I really need to tidy and clean the living room. I also need to sort my beads out. Down the side of the sofa is a pile of trays with the odd bead on, headpin and tiger tail off cuts, it's a real mess and I think that tidying it up should be my priority tonight, at least then after all the tidying is done I can still make more jewellery because all my beads will be organised and there wont be the huge mess I usually make.

Recently I have been considering launching a bridal line. I have made some beautiful faux pearl jewellery which I would have worn myself for my own wedding had I known how to make them back then. I think I will launch it in January but I will use freshwater pearls and sterling silver. I could make a budget range but personally I'm a little sentimental and like to keep special items for ever. Once it's complete I'll take it to local bridal shops and try and sell it that way. What do you reckon?

Oh and this week I will be having a Christmas giveaway. I haven't decided what to give away yet but it'll be something special ;)

Stay tuned.....

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Diana Elaine said...

More delicious jewelry!

Man, I wish I could promote you guys to the television news reporters, they seem to wear allot of jewelry, and it differs every day.

I'll need to put my thinking cap on, to see how I might do that.

Beautiful items by the way. :-)

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