Monday, 15 December 2008

Oh little town of Lee-ee-ee-eeds

Friday night was spent with friends at Wagamama in Leeds. James was a little worried because he doesn't like Chinese food but he had a curry and he really enjoyed it. I thought the food was great and the company even better, all in all we had a great night.

Our intention on Saturday was to get up early and put the Christmas tree up but I couldn't drag myself out of bed so we didn't really get anything done. The wedding was at 3.15 so, allowing over an hour for the journey we started to get ready at 12pm. I had to make some jewellery because I didn't have any that went with my dress and then panicked because I couldn't find the little bag that I had bought specifically for the occasion. After all the faffing was done we set off only to find that Google Maps doesn't have a clue! It sent us off the main road and up some country lanes and told us to take a left that didn't exist! I was really nervous because it was 3.15 and we still couldn't find the church. I hate being late and was telling James that I wouldn't go in if the wedding had started. Eventually after some frantic phone calls to friends we found the church on the main road Google had told us to turn off. There was no sign of a bridal car so we rushed inside and sat down. Unfortunately for the bride the car hadn't turned up to collect her and she had to have a friend pick her up so she was around 30 minutes late. When she did arrive she looked amazing as predicted, the church was lit solely by candles and she sparkled as she walked down the isle. Unfortunately both the bride and groom are tall, as are their families so I really couldn't see anything.

After the service and the photographs we all went next door to the village hall with was again lit by candles. Each table was adorned with candelabras wrapped with eucalyptus leaves and tulips. The meal was excellent and the speeches were very funny and really touching. The whole wedding was lovely and so romantic, a great start to what I know will be a great marriage.

The next day we went Christmas shopping. First we stopped off at Starbucks first for a gingerbread latte (A Christmas essential) and toast and then I braved Primark for some gifts for a friend. I did James' shopping and then we met up with a friend, had lunch and went home. We both felt a bit bluuur from the food so we sat down, had a cuppa and then wrapped all the presents and put the tree up and surrounded it with them. I had bought a rather racist Crooners Christmas CD, with Dean Martin making incredibly inappropriate comments at Sammy Davis Jr. so we were listening to that and skipping the inappropriate tracks. Then it was off to bed and before we knew it it was time to get up and go to work. Joy to the world!

Great weekends are the hardest to leave behind.

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