Monday, 29 December 2008

A few more pics from the camera

My monster sized head

a bracelet I made for myself but will probably sell

some rather spangly earrings

Patches all dressed up with nowhere to go

Gluhwein mug from the Kristkindelmarkt

Some pearl and Swarovski Crystal earrings from my forth coming bridal range

and the lovely Paperchase boxes that my Christmas pressies from James came in


karisma said...

Hey! Your head is beautiful! You stop picking on it! Or I will dob on you! Yes I will! (Hey head, April is picking on you!) You are gorgeous don't put yourself down ever! Hugs and smoochies, have a great new year!

Leah said...

Patches is too cute! Happy New Year!

Camera Girl said...

We should start a monster head club I have a huge head, Benjamin teases it all the time lol Your bridal earrings are so pretty!

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