Friday, 2 January 2009

New beginnings

Oooh I feel good today, I love the start of the new year, I'm always so enthusiastic about new beginnings. I like to think about all of the amazing possibilities that the year ahead has to offer, about the changes and advances that I can make, the beautiful places I could go and the wonderful people I could meet. This is the outlook we should really all have all of the time but it's hard to live with a constant grin on your face.

So 2008 was a funny old year, some real ups and downs. Getting married however really outweighs the bad.

This year there are fewer weddings than last and hopefully that will help us out financially, it has been a very expensive year so in 2009 we need a break from big bills. We will be going away for James' 30th but I can't say where firstly because I haven't decided and secondly because it's a sup rise and he reads this blog! That will cost us but I'm going to try to keep the costs down. I will of course have met my target weight by then so I will need a whole new wardrobe. :)

I will be collecting my new tripod from the post office tomorrow and I am hoping for good weather so I can get some really good pictures and list some more items on Etsy. I do have over a hundred pieces of jewellery at home just begging to be re-homed.

The sun is beating down on me as I write this, I'll take it as a sign that 2009 is going to be our year, the best yet!

Happy new year to all

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ChatElaine said...

I hope it will be a good new year this year too!! :0)

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