Monday, 29 December 2008


Although I love Christmas I also love getting back to normality, de-cluttering the house and knowing what day of the week it is. I love that the 21st December has passed and the days are getting longer and that within a couple of months my walk home from work will be in daylight. I love winter when it’s idyllic, frosty crisp mornings and perfect pale blue skies. Of course the reality is far from that, grey over cast skies, rain, wind and a distinct lack of daylight. It’s at this point that I wait impatiently for the first signs of spring. Bluebells and Snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses. It still rains a lot but at least you have the pretty flowers outside and the new leaves emerging on the trees to brighten the world up a bit. I’m like this four times a year. I love each season but I love the beginning, the change, after three months of it I need something else. Sadly in the UK Autumn lasts a week and winter lasts six months! But the new year begins in winter, wouldn’t it be lovely if the first of January was the first day of spring, that on new years day we could awaken to dewy grass and butterflies.

Still, I love the New Year, this year we will be celebrating it alone as everyone either has other plans or is working. I don’t mind because I find it an exciting time anyway. I always vow to lose weight (which once again I am determined to do despite having never done it in the past) and I always ponder the year’s glorious possibilities. This year’s main ambition is of course jewellery related. I’d love to make this year my last year working for someone else. I realise that it would be an enormous task to build my business to the point at which I can pay my mortgage but I’m confident that it will one day happen.

Photo by Wittyn.
So yeah, lose weight. I’m not really overweight I’m just a little "fluffier" than I’d like to be. So I’m eating all the roast potatoes and chips that I can until Thursday, which is the start of my New Year, and my same but slightly lighter me, LOL.

This year I am going to force James to go for walks and bike rides with me. My walk to work is about 2.5 miles/4K but my mum gives me a lift home these days. Since I had my seizures everyone else has been way more concerned for my safety than I have. As soon as the evenings lighten I’m going to start walking home again. I feel so unfit at the moment, when I had my seizures I injured my back and it has at times been difficult. I could barely walk at first but slowly it improved but bit’s kind of hit a stand still now. I used to dance in the house all the time and that obviously stopped and now, when I try I get out of breath really easily. I’m 27 in January, I should be able to run up the stairs not drag myself up on the handrail!

Then there is the "diet" I don’t like that word , it makes me think of crazy celebrity fads rather than safe steady weight loss. My younger brother is a fitness instructor and very knowledgeable about nutrition. He is creating a "diet" for me that is based on my weight, height and activity level. I will be eating six small meals a day (I know it sounds silly) which will be nutritionally balanced so I’m not depriving my body of the things it needs. Eating small amounts often makes your metabolism run more efficiently and also your appetite shrinks because you aren’t filling your stomach to the brim when you eat. That’s my problem you see, I don’t snack, I eat a balanced healthy diet, I watch my fat and sugar content but I eat too much. I love pasta and can eat buckets of the stuff, how I’m not obese I’ll never know.

This sounds really stupid but I have been feeling very short lately, I have a lot of tall friends and compared to them I feel dumpy. I have always had an obsession with height, if I see a film, for example, and I enjoy it I’ll Google it and look for the heights of the actors. When I was 11 years old I was the tallest in my year at 5’ 3 3/4" everyone told me how I was going to be so tall, like a supermodel and I loved that. Sadly I never grew again which was a shock, given that I had become so accustomed to the thought of being tall. It sounds ridiculous I know but I’m not too bothered now, I love being short sometimes cause James is tall.

The only way to look taller is to lose a little weight, and then I’ll be short and slim instead of short and dumpy LOL. The only problem is that when I have lost my 20lbs I’ll need to go shopping, Oh no! ;)

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karisma said...

Well I can't claim to be fluffy! More like saggy! TeHe! It kinda happens to you after birthing five kids and not looking after the body enough! My bad! Walking is the best exercise! I lost so much wait while walking everyday! I plan to get back into it after the silly season passes! Yay!

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