Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Baby it's cold outside

I placed a jewellery order today and I'm ridiculously excited. It's on next day delivery and I'm having it sent to my brothers house so I don't have to wait until Saturday to pick it up. I have ordered some gorgeous lamp work beads. I ordered these beads in green last time and made a lovely necklace and bracelet. This time I have ordered them in dark blue, teal and yellow. The yellow ones are a sunshine buttery yellow. They remind me of spring and knowing me I'll be wishing for spring by the first of January! I'm always doing that, half way through a season I start wishing it away. It's when Christmas is over and the adverts on TV are all about holidays abroad and outside it's cold and wet. It's silly really. Anyway, I never told you how the jewellery party went. It was a huge success! Not just because I sold quite a lot but because of the incredibly positive response I got from my friends. I've been working on a new (to me) wire twisting technique and I sold almost all of the pieces I had for sale that used this method, and one friend commissioned more! She said that she could see how my work has developed in the last year. I was very happy, it means a lot to hear that. I know that this is a never ending journey and I genuinely appreciate constructive comments or criticism. Just not when it comes to pricing. (There's a ranty post about that around here somewhere)
Last night I made myself a jewellery set. I bought a cheap necklace from an anonymous shop and after destroying it turned it into a lovely necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

I'm just so inspired by beauty and one creation leads to another. Making one pair of earrings spurs me on and I make more. I can't wait to get my order so I can make even more! I'll just lock myself away and get twisting.

I'm having a few friends over this weekend for a little Christmas gathering, I was going to do my usual feed five thousandesque buffet but due to financial restrictions (LOL) I will be doing a few snacks instead. Still I'm excited by that too! Now, I need a cup of tea. Bye!

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BorneoDiva said...

finally i could see and feels a bit about UK :) there is no snow in my country...i wish i could feel it!

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