Saturday, 7 February 2009

This week

I have honestly not known weather like this for years. My messy garden hasn't looked this good for years!

The streets are still covered with snow and there is more forecast for tomorrow. We have been lucky enough to see some sunshine yesterday and today but the snow is sticking around. Don't let the golden sun fool you it's still freezing

The day after my birthday I was very lucky to receive something really special through the post all the way from down under

I needed a case for my new camera and Camera Girl over at Light Renditions very kindly sent me one in the gorgeous fabric. She also sent me a mini version which as luck would have it fits the new I pod mini I got for my birth day perfectly.

There was also a new little friend in the package but I'll show her later.

I've been amazed by the interest in my new weight loss blog since i started it. Above all I've tried to be open and honest and that seems to work. I have a wonderful life but it still gets hard sometimes and I can be my own worst enemy. I was looking through other weight loss blogs and found some people who are really lost, trapped by their own expectations of themselves and eating disorders. People who I just want to throw my arms round and heal. If only I could.

It's bedtime soon. I want to have a great nights sleep and wake up refreshed tomorrow. It is after all another day

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Gillian said...

Your garden looks so pretty in the snow! Love those fabric cases.

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