Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Random blogging

My walk to work was somewhat treacherous this morning, the roads are very icy and the pavements are even worse. I was skidding all over the place until happily a colleague was driving past and picked me up. I'm bored of the snow now, I want to be able to wear my pretty little summer dresses again and have picnics and sit outside on a light evening and drink a glass (or two) of Blossom Hill white Zinfandel. Mmmmmm. Oh and not have to spend a fortune on gas heating the house.

The back of our house is actually the front. The kitchen overlooks a small road and the living room overlooks the garden and some allotments over the garden wall. The garden is split in two by a path that runs down the whole terrace. This year (probably may) we are hoping to patio the garden, it's very small and barely usable as it is so my plan is to pave this side of it and put some nice planters out and a table and chairs so we can have barbies in the summer. Plus then we wont be letter out immaculate gardened neighbours down anymore! The other side of the path is very small and we have a laurel bush and three largeish conifers. I'm going to build a raised bed and plant veggies. I'm also going to invest in a small water butt and compost bin. We are also hoping to rewire the whole house so I don't know how we'll manage but hey, we'll find a way. Me and my big ideas!

On a completely different note I've had to cut my blog list down somewhat as it's got over 40 blogs on it so I'm showing the 25 most recently published blogs. I do however still visit the others and you can see them all by clicking "show all"... obviously LOL.


Kricia Morris Photography said...

I'm SO over winter as well! I can't wait for it to be beach weather again. I love your plans for your garden, I can't wait to see pictures when it's all done!

-Ana- said...

I'm bored w/it too! It's cold on and off here in Texas. Can't wait till I can wear my flip flops ALL the time.
I love that you're a jewelry designer, I've always wanted to learn how to make my own jewelry. I'll be reading=)

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