Monday, 2 February 2009

The White Stuff

So rare is it that we have heavy snowfall that here in the UK we are so completely unprepared for adverse weather. One or two inches of the white stuff sends us into a nationwide panic, as it has done today. I wish I had brought my camera because it sure is pretty but it's two maybe three inches at most and it's closed thousands of schools and caused countless road traffic accidents. The problem isn't that we are a nation of softies but that we are ill prepared for such weather. We don't have snow tires for cars or snow shovels to help us get out of our own garages. Buses stop running at the hint of snow and workplaces are left with a skeleton staff. It took me about 10 minutes longer than usual to walk the 4.3K to work, my feet are still numb but I got to work to find that colleagues who live closer to work than me aren't coming in because they can't get their cars out of their streets! These people are in no way unable to walk in they just see it as a good excuse, well I don't.

James unfortunately could not get to work this morning as neither of his buses were running and as we don't own a car and 50K is a long way to walk in the snow he was stuck. So he is at home irritated at having to use a days holiday. He'll be fine though, his Xbox will cheer him up I'm sure :)

Earlier on I was looking at the sun (yes directly) and it was so strange. It was really bright but you could see the snow moving across it like thick fog. It was quite beautiful but it's gone. The sky is solid grey and the snow is falling thick and fast.

Ohh we had a moment of bright sunshine but another big cloud is approaching although it is a little less solid and I can't see any snow.

My baby brother has just emailed me these pictures taken at his house. Last week when we met this little fella we were sure that spring was on it's way

However today the crocus sprouts are hidden below.

Oh and it's snowing again!

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karisma said...

Beautiful! We saw London on the news this morning! So much snow! I would just! die! LOL! I know we are melting here but if its cold Im the first one in front of the fire! Yep Im a woosy girls blouse!

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