Thursday, 5 February 2009

I was considering starting a weight loss blog the other day and then I realised that I couldn't think of enough to say to fill it or make it in the slightest bit interesting so I thought I'd bore you guys with it instead. I was thinking that if I blogged my progress it might be easier to keep up with. I'm not overweight, despite what the Wii Fit says, I'm just a little chubbier than I want to be and because I am only a short arse I don't carry extra weight well. I have set the 28th March as my target date and my goal is to lose 20lbs. Yes this might sound a little unrealistic but I set this goal some weeks ago and have only lost a total of 2lbs so that's 2.3lbs a week to lose which actually doesn't sound too bad. So including this weekends weigh in I have seven to go before the final eighth week. Why the 28st March? Well because the following weekend I have my cousins wedding to attend and the day after is James' 30th birthday and one of my presents to him will be a slimmer wife (although he is happy with the one he's got) Hopefully that will also make me a more confident wife and eliminate the "I'm too fat to wear that" panics I get. So every Sunday or Monday I will post my progress and I wont be able to lie cause James reads this blog. Also by the 28th of March I am going to have saved enough money to buy myself a new outfit for the wedding to show of my new silhouette.

I'll also post any great tips or recipes that i discover. I'm really good at making chuck it in and hope for the best soups that are both healthy and yummy so I'll post whatever I discover.

I'm lucky that my lil' brother is a fully qualified fitness instructor and nutritional genius so I have him on hand if I need advice. I might even start an "Andy's health tips" section in fact I might set him up a blog and force him to write on it! Wow, that would be great and you'd all stop by would you?!

Off to start a blog

ta ta!


ceevee said...

March is my deadline too, but so far I am a failure. I eat too much at night. I don't want to have to pay to do this! I know what I am supposed to do!!!

Camera Girl said...

Maybe if you wanted to start a blog about weight loss you could just write down what you've done for the day exercise and diet, how much you've lost, how your feeling for the day maybe? My sister drew me up a weight loss chart I lost a few cm for a few weeks then put them back on lol so I threw the chart out haha

I emailed you the etsy mini let me know if it comes through I've had a lot of trouble with my email lately.


karisma said...

Good Luck! Im sure you can do it!

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