Friday, 13 February 2009

100th post!

Should have been a positive one but I don't feel that way out so tough! LOL

I feel settled here. I know what I am doing and I do it right. I don't want to start again somewhere new, I love knowing what I'm doing. But, I have no choice so I'm going to take it as an opportunity for self improvement. Even though I don't feel particularly positive today I'm going to go to my friends house tonight, drink some wine and turn this into an exciting adventure. Worrying will achieve nothing I'm just going to look as hard as I can for a new job and really try with my jewellery too. I'm not going to whinge too much, people are losing their homes, families and lives at the other side of the world. My problems are tiny by comparison and I am thankful for everything I have.


Kricia Morris Photography said...

Everything works out for a reason honey...this just means that something bigger and better is on the way!

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Love the positive outlook :)

ChatElaine said...

I know its hard at the moment but hopefully something good will come from it. :0))

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