Sunday, 15 February 2009


So, there was shock, denial and then real internal anger, hidden from view. Now there is acceptance and clarity. Tomorrow I will update my CV (yes I know I should have already done that!) and have a look online. I've always wanted to work in schools, I think I'll look into being a teaching assistant.

So anyway back to the really important stuff. I've been creating! Yay! And it's about bloody time I can tell you. I've been really slack lately and not made anything. I sent a general text to all my girlfriends on Thursday apologising for whoring myself out but asking if they new anyone who would like to have a jewellery party. It worked, my sister has got me a stall at a local pub, they are having an, ahem, Ann Summers party and she said I could pop along so I will.

Here we have some lovely Amethyst and Citrine pieces, all made with sterling Silver fittings. I have just listed them on Etsy, I'm really going to try and push that over the next few weeks.


karisma said...

Cool! You know that party plans is not a bad idea! I went to a couple of jewellery parties, some are very expensive but others were great! You could either make one offs or take samples and make them by order! Things are slowly getting into routine down here at the madhouse, 3 are now at different schools so the house is very quite today!

Gillian said...

Good to hear you are upbeat - those citrine pieces are really beautiful.

-Ana- said...

I love the third necklace! With the little hearts holding up the lavendar stones, so pretty! If I wasn't so broke right now I'd so buy it.

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