Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My adventures with Jimmy, Suki and Jeremy

It's funny, almost two weeks ago now I was panicking, relatively calm on the outside but not so calm on the inside. Being made redundant by a company I have really enjoyed working for was tough, especially when you have just been told that profits are up and we are doing well. Then just five days later my dad offered us a little car he uses to go to the allotment in. She is Suki Suzuki Swift and she is lovely. Jimmy and I went a brum brumming all over this weekend. It was so good to be able to visit friends without having to make a whole weekend of it every time and it's been great to have him home at a reasonable time on a week night.

And then... a manager in another department, one I worked in when I first joined the company, offered me a position in her department. It was crazy, I've never had a week like it which tells you how generally great my life is. Sure there are highs and less highs but no real lows, I'm a lucky girl.

And then there's Jeremy. Ahh Jeremy was a lovely little green finch who decided to fly at full throttle straight into my office window on the first floor. Seeing him fall I ran downstairs to see him lying on the floor twitching and blinking. I saw no blood or obvious injuries so I very gently picked him up and he straightened himself up and hopped onto my index finger. He didn't move, I think he was stunned poor little thing. I have to say it felt lovely to have this gorgeous little creature in my hand. I sat with him for a while and he seemed to perk up a little bit so I took him over to a little bush and popped him down under it. At first he wouldn't let go of me but I soon convinced him that he would be fine. I went back inside and cut the bottom of a plastic water cooler cup and filled it with a little water and placed it next to him, I gave him a little tickle and went home. I felt so guilty leaving him and all night I was worried. The next day I ran straight over to his bush and he was gone. I heard later that a colleague had gone to capture him and take him home and he had seen her and flew away. See me and Jeremy, we're buddies.


Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Glad to know that things are picking up for you :). Congrats on your new job.

karisma said...

Wonderful news! This week seems to be a week for new beginnings all round! So happy for you! And how lovely of the little bird to come visit you! Sweet!

ChatElaine said...

Lovely story about Jeremy, and glad things are going great for you!!

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