Friday, 27 February 2009

Running out of time

Last night I was nowhere near as productive as I needed to be so I have a lot of work to do tonight. I'm going to make a quick tea and then get straight on with organising. I'm going to ask Jimmy (hello!) to nip to Tesco with Suki and get some sandwich fillings and nice bread for tomorrow and some bottles of water or pop so that I can make up a packed lunch (Thanks X)

The busts are great. A little small but some of the necklaces look amazing on them. I measured my fabric and its 9 foot by 5 foot and the stall is 10 by 4 so it's a little short but its wide enough to accommodate so boxes underneath that will give height. The I have two black acrylic hands that are great for bracelets and three Ikea jewellery trees. All of my display items are black and really show off the jewellery. I'm going to take some pictures throughout the day tomorrow and post them here on Sunday. I am a little anxious about it all, I want it to go well because I'm hoping that this could be a regular thing for me. Tomorrow the goal is to give out business cards and cover the stall and petrol costs. Obviously I'd love to make a decent profit but and it's still early in the season and the weather is still cold I'm not expecting miracles. Still fingers crossed.

Ooh, and Jimmy would you like to pick up a couple of packs of mince and some bread cakes for Saturday night burgers. (and maybe bacon and plastic cheese too?) xxx


Gillian said...

The display busts look great! Cannot wait to see the photographs you take - Best of luck!!

Kelle's Kitchen said...

I can't WAIT to see the new photos! It can be scary to invest into a business at first (I'm right there with you!) but in the end it will pay off :)

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