Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Walking on Air

The new series of 24 started last night, I watched the first couple of series and liked them but couldn't be bothered to watch the rest so I left James watching it in the living room. I decided to do my usual thing of putting on my I Pod and dancing in the kitchen like Animal from the Muppets. I'm not trying to impersonate him you understand, it's just how I dance. So I'm dancing away to Pinks new album and I'm thinking "Hmmm physical activity, how unusual, i think I'll do more" So out comes Bob the Air Walker. We bought Bob over four years ago after seeing that a friend had one and having a go. It seemed so easy to use and not hard work at all.

Meet Bob

But Bob and I never really saw eye to eye, I didn't understand why he wasn't losing my weight and he didn't understand why he had to stay folded up against the wall in the spare room. He felt unloved and alone and I felt heavy.
But last night something magical happened, an alien stole my consciousness and replaced it with that of a self motivated determined person. She worked out like a crazy person, initially working to my target of just 20 minutes, she decided to round the calorie counter number up to a whole number and then realised that she was at 37 minutes. Might as well go to 40! 40 came but So What was blasting through the headphones so she decided to wait until the song had finished but by then we were at 44 minutes. Alien April obviously shared Human Aprils Obsessive tendencies and couldn't stop at a number like that, no she would continue to 50. Why not make it an hour she thought as U2 and BB King belted out When Love Comes to Town. As Bono disappeared Roxette took over with listen to your heart and took her to 60 minutes and 38 seconds. The number irritated both Alien and human April but her thighs simply would not continue. The Alien then floated off and left me knackered but happy! Now I know I said that it seemed easy when we first had a go on our friends Air Walker Bill but if you are doing it properly it isn't. I was going so fast, using my arms and legs to try and get as much out of it as possible and I feel great today, I'm a little stiff but not as sore and achy as I expected.
Tonight I'm going to get on our Wii Fit and so some rhythm boxing then tomorrow back on Bob.

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Jacqueline said...

I can imagine you danciing away to Pinks newl album. hehe So cute! Have a great time excising! Looks like your having a fun time. n__n

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