Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bloggers block

Yes, panic not I am alive. I have been suffering from a raging case of the above and in a bid to cure it I will attempt to write a post with a point.

First things first I have very kindly been given a Marie Antoinette blog award by my adoptive web mum Karisma

So now I have to pass it on. Hmm this is a toughy, I read so many blogs I'll have to decide that later. But for now thank you very much Mama K.

So on Saturday my parents very kindly took James and I over to Holmfirth to check out the craft market and I have to say I was very disappointed indeed. It was totally empty! There were three stalls and no customers. I'm not paying £20 to stand there all day and not sell a thing. I do feel that I would like to revisit the Market a little later in the year and see if it improves. the space is good and it's a popular with tourists. A very nice gentleman has just taken over running it and I spoke to a colleague of his today and she said that he is trying to restore it to it's former glory and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help that. It was his day off today so I am going to call him tomorrow and have a chat about it with him. I'd like to encourage local crafters to get involved, i think it would be fun.

So afterwards we drove over to Hebden Bridge and had a look around there, it's a lovely little town, very picturesque and quaint. I asked about craft fairs and they have one once a month from the spring so I'm hoping that I can get a stall there at some point.

Tuesday was payday, thabk god, and it was a great day. We had a lovely healthy food delivery from Asda and I placed an order with my jewellery supplier. I bought some gorgeous things, Amethyts, citrine stones, black agate, crystal, swarovski crystals, Sterling silver beads. I'll show you what I made from it after I've given her it.

I have friday Monday and Tuesday off work this week for my 27th Birthday on Monday. Woo! On Saturday my friend and I are having a joint party so I'll be sure to post some piccys. It's fancy dress and James and I are going as Barbarella and Buck Rogers!


karisma said...

Glad to see you are alive! Shame about the markets but I guess if its cold no one wants to go out. Maybe you will have more luck in the spring/summer time! Don't you have any indoor ones?

April Ellis said...

The market in holmfirth is indoor but it's so cold that people don't even want to leave home some days. I'm going to try for the spring, plus that way I can spend more time working on my designs.

By the way, has CG received her pressie yet?

Camera Girl said...

Hello! Just letting you know I posted your camera case off the other day! Theres a surprise in there too! xox

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