Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Herbal tea and cottage cheese

My lunch today consisted of cottage cheese, celery, red pepper and tomatoes. Team that with Nettle and milk thistle tea and loads of water MMmmmmm! LOL. It was Okay but pie and chips would have been much better but I aint bobbing for five miles to ruin it with nice food! Next week will be different, next Tuesday is payday so I'm going to order food to be delivered and get some nice healthy food so that I don't have to make do with what we have. It's much easier to lose weight when you actually like the food you are eating and luckily for me I love salad, fruit and veggies. I can eat a whole lettuce in one sitting and love it but sadly within 10 minutes i'd be hungry for something else.

Tonights tea is sorted, one of our relatives very kindly bought us a slow cooker for Christmas and it's great. Last night I chopped some leeks, potatoes, carrots and broccoli and chucked it all in with some stewing beef and stock. Threw in some broad beans cause I love em and filled it with water and it's been cooking since 7.30 this morning on low. It feeds four so we are going to have it tomorrow too. I used lean beef so with the exception of the small amount of fat in the stock and only a few spuds in there it's pretty healthy. By the time I get home this evening it will have been cooking for around 10 hours so the broccoli will be mush but I've been craving veg after eating quite a lot of beans on toast lately. I am very suseptible to cravings, we don't eat a lot of meat and when we do it's chicken, it's rare for us to eat red meat but I get cravings for steak when I haven't had it for a while. I could just eat a plate of Veg but my body would tell me that it's not good enough and I need carbohydrates and protien too.

I can feel the hunger bubbles in my chest, better get another cuppa!


karisma said...

Thats my girl! Pie and chips is bad for you! I also love lettuce and all green leaves. I could just sit and eat them all day, (the kids hate the fancy ones but will eat iceberg lettuce, they say the others taste like dirt) Italian dressing goes great on them or even just lemon.

I also have the old crock pot on the go today, what a co-inkydink! I have not used it in years. I am making white beans with a little lamb thrown in for the carnivores down here. I also would like to go full vegetarian (we eat it most nights) what you have to do is make sure you eat real vegie food not just steamed vegies. (Lentils, spinach, mushrooms, beans etc are a big must to keep up those energy stores). We rarely eat meat these days. I have a habit of making up my own dishes too. Last nights went down a treat. I made a lasagne type dish without pasta. The bottom layer was banana chillies, topped with a rice mixture containing aubergine, onion, tomato, spinach and herbs. Next a layer of diced tomatoes then fresh parmesan cheese sauce on top. Cooked in the oven for about 40 minutes and it was yummy. I also made a spinach quiche and a very big salad. They finished what was left for brekky this morning so it must have been good!

April Ellis said...

Mmmm sounds good I think i'll try that. I love all the veggies you mentioned and I make a lot of homemade soup and put lentils and pearl barley in and beans. Really I shouldn't be a chubster cause I love all the right foods, i'm not even that fussed about chocolate, I can take or leave it!

Sadly my stew didn't work out but i'm probably going to post about that later.

I've never relly cared for aubergine so I've ordered one on next weeks shopping to try and change my mind. So do you know any really nice healthy ways to cook it that will turn me into a fan?

karisma said...

Depends on your taste buds! LOL! I had never eaten it as a kid, but SB is Turkish, his mum taught me how to cook it. The favourite around here is to make a dip with yoghurt, (this is especially nice if you put it inside a damper or cob loaf of bread). I like to make Mousakka. Also stuffed they are very yummy! SB fries it up with tomatoes, chillies, zucchini etc and then eats it with bread from the pan. If you buy the big ones and are going to fry them, you need to salt them first then rinse and pat down before frying or they absorb too much oil. I prefer to bake or boil mine. Even in spagetti sauce I just cube it and throw it in the sauce then let it simmer. (Much less fattening!) I will send you some recipes later on, will have to type them up.

Renee toeNja said...

I'm the same way, love fruits and veggies but they just don't fill me up. Hey, that's why cows and horses eat constantly, right? ;-)

I checked out your shop. Totally love the bracelets. I wish I had a job so I could buy a few. Gave you a heart though, which is just as good. (Right?) LOL

Gillian said...

Greetings - you've been tagged over at iheartcrafts!

karisma said...

Psst just checkin' if you are still alive! There is an award for you at my place!

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