Wednesday, 28 January 2009

One year older

I'm 27 Yey! I love birthdays and I don't mind getting older. Maybe that's cause I'm in my 20's! I dunno but lets face it, aging is far better than the alternative right?

I've had a great few days. I had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off work so it was a really loooong weekend but coming back to work today was hard. I'll have lots of pictures to show you from my birthday party.

James' mum bought me some cut daffodils for my birthday and I totally love them. Tulips and daffodils are quite possibly my favourite flowers. As soon as I see them poking their little heads through the frosty earth I know that lighter nights and warmer weather will follow.
Of course I change my mind with the seasons so in a couple of months when we are. My friends Cathy and James also bought me some rather lovely flowers which are helping the daffodils brighten up the living room.
I think I will tidy the living room tonight, it is quite tidy but I think I'll tidy up the bookcase. We have a lot of sorting out to do in the house which I would like to have done by spring. Cupboards full of things in that we do not need. We have so many lovely things that people have given us over the last few years and so I feel that we need to get rid of the unnecessary crap so that we can show off the good stuff.


John Crow said...

Happy Birthday April

ChatElaine said...

Happy Birthday April, mine was this time last week, bit different in ages though!! :))
I love tulips too, I hope you havent put them in the same vase as the Daffodils as they will kill them, (like what I did!!!!) Hope your having a lovely day.

karisma said...

Happy Birthday My Sweet! Glad you have had a nice rest!

We also have been trying to do the clean up and out thing! Its hard to decide what to throw out! LOL!

All I can suggest is do not throw out any towels or glasses, we were given so many as gifts and I gave the majority away as we did not need so many. Then the kids came along and I am forever buying them! Grrrr! (I do agree useless things are a waste of space though, if you don't use it give it to someone who will.)

Gillian said...

Happy Birthday to you! Looking forward to seeing your celebration photos!

Gill said...

Happy Birthday April!! Hope you had a great day!

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