Sunday, 21 February 2010

On Friday I finally joined the local gym. I went with Carrie who has been going for a few weeks. I was disappointed to see just how unfit I actually am. Luckily I don't have any muscle aches today, I obviously didn't work hard enough. Now though because of my epilepsy I have to get a doctors note to say that I'm okay to go. So I'll call them up in the morning which will hopefully mean I'll be able to go tomorrow night. My weight loss has slowed down so I'm pulling out all the stops this week. I'm going to measure all my food out and only drink water alone or with lemon.
For inspiration I can look at the horrible picture below. This was taken on my honeymoon and I could easily dwell on the fact that didn't lose weight for it or my wedding but I won't because frankly what's the point? I'll save the energy for the positive things I'm doing now.

I haven't received my vouchers yet so the makeover is yet to happen, I'm still jegging-less. I love shopping so I can't wait to get them. Once I have I'll post a picture and see if there is a difference.


Anonymous said...

Well I think you look wonderful in that picture honey! (it's Jimmy by the way!)

karisma said...

Yes! I will second that, you look gorgeous! Good luck with the gym! I have NEVER done that! LOL! I did however climb trees this week! Does that count?

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

April Ellis said...

Yes Climbing trees counts LOL


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