Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mini makeover time 2 - the earrings

I'd definitely a sparkly girl, I love the twinkly things in like, I even love the words sparkly and twinkly. These earrings are not for casual wear they are for best. Didn't you just hate that when as a kid your folks would take you out and buy you a new item of clothing like just for example a swirly dress and then tell you it's for best.

"No you can't wear it to play on you BMX"

"Oh mum but Whhhhhyyyyyyyyy?"
I wanted to be a BMX princess! I'd strap Barbie to the front and do the best wheelies!

There's a mixture of clear and silver shade Swarovski Crystals with sterling silver chain all wrapped together.

I had forgotten that I made these a couple of months ago, not my finest work of art especially as all I've done is attach some chain to an ear wire but I like them.

Hammered sliver chain and an ear wire.
I think I'll make a pendant to match the spangly earrings next. We're going to our friends house on Saturday night so I'll get to wear them there. Bring on the weekend!

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