Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sunny sunshine

Well it seems that this week we are having a belated mini summer. The sky is beautiful clear blue and the sun is beating down. Sadly it's not beating down on my garden thanks to a neighbours overgrown trees! We had about 30 minutes of sun before it fell behind the old Oak trees. However in those 30 minutes I did manage to get some photographs taken.

Fresh water pearl, amazonite, amethyst and rose quartz cluster earrings

Fresh water pearl, rose quartz and jasper wire wrapped earrings

Red agate choker

Red agate and butter Jade bracelet

Pearl charm bracelet with Swarovski, amethyst, rose quartz and amazonite.

1 comment:

Ruby Rouge said...

Thank you so much for commenting on the interview I did! Your comment was so touching and I really appreciated it. I love your new pieces and the pictures you've taken are stunning. :)

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