Monday, 14 September 2009

The good the bad and the simply gorgeous

I'm feeling a little low at the moment, a little, erm, preoccupied. I'm finding it hard to sleep and I can't seem to concentrate on anything but my business. I just watched an episode of Voyager but couldn't concentrate on it, how weird is that? What's worse is that it's making me so angry that something so stupid could make me feel so bad. Again this isn't something I intend to discuss here or dwell on but when you spend nine hours a day somewhere it's hard to ignore it.

But this is my happy place so that's my little whinge over, it's done.

Oh, I have hugely wonderfully spangly news! I have a brand spanking new website!

It's nowhere near finished yet but I'm not much of a web designer, The design isn't right but I'm using a limited template and HTML eludes me.
So it's not all bad, actually there's a lot of great stuff going on so good in fact I shall use bullet points for emphasis
  • My two bestest buds are getting married soon which I am really excited about because frankly it's about bloody time!
  • Another friend is about to drop a bairn!
  • James has suggested to me a financial target I really need to achieve in order to quit my job and it's a lot more attainable than I thought. I just need a really good Christmas.
  • I have met some really awesome people recently through my craft fairs and I'm loving it!
  • I have the best husband in the world and amazing friends (okay so that's not a recent development but sometimes you need a few crap days to help you see what's good)

Talk about turning a post around! Well I've cheered myself up so I'm off to get a glass of milk and get myself tucked in.

Nighty night!


Absolutely Small said...

Sorry to hear you're down. :( I know the feeling of not being able to concentrate on anything but the business. Not fun.
But, glad to hear you're focusing on the positive! Sounds like there's a lot there. ^-^

rachellucie said...

sorry to hear that unmentionable place you spend a lot of time was getting your goat.
but, hey, you've done such a great job of cheering yourself up, do you want the job of doing it for me? I'm serious!
good luck with the crafting career, maybe not as unrealistic as you thought...
spoke to the verger at catherdral the other day, need to phone again and get confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

Try listening to Duke Special on your ipod (keep mine under the pillow) sure to make you mellow.

Looking forward to buying from you when you visit Pudsey!

Keep blogging, makes me smile.


April Ellis said...

Thanks for your comments everyone.

Hey anonymous, looking forward to seeing you in Pudsey. Who ever you are?!

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