Monday, 7 September 2009

So I guess it's Autumn now!

I suppose I should have rolled out some sort of Autumn collection by now but me being me I've only just realised the time. If I turn to my left I can see that the trees in the distance have had very light dusting of gold.
I'm not sorry to see summer go but I am sorry that once again we don't seem to have had one. I am also sorry that daylight is slipping further away earlier and before long the weekends will be the only time I can photograph my work in day light, the best light of all.

Well I just took a break from this post to take some piccys and to feed Jimmy and I found that maybe I'm not soo Autumnally unprepared after all.

Coral and Smokey Quartz

In my head though I can see my winter range, bright silvers and icy blues, Emerald, Sapphire, blue topaz and Clear crystals. A bright sparkly glitzy range to get you through the cold dark winter.

Coral and Rainbow Agate
I've really enjoyed having the last week off and I'm determined to make the most of this one. I can't really say why I'm off but I can say that the thought of going back next Monday fills me with dread and makes my tummy churn. I'm trying not to think about it and when alone I have verbally told myself of for allowing my mind to wander there. Sadly finances dictate that I must go back, and I will, but I do so with a very heavy heart.

Citrine, Swarovski and hand made glass
Maybe I need a little dread though, maybe a lit match under my lazy bum is just what I need, I do feel determined but then I'm like that. My motivation is extreme, one minute I'm not the next I'm obsessive. I would say that I am obsessive at the moment yet in a few days with no new sales I'll crash and feel low. The rest of me thank goodness is a lot more balanced.

Red Agate, Golden Jade, Cherry Quartz, Coral, Rose Quartz and Red Adventurine

All that is not to say that I can't be bothered with the business, I can and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't make jewellery or do something on line it's just that to constantly market your work is tiring, that's why I like it here. On Twitter I feel like a spammer on message boards I feel like I'm feigning interest in others to fuel my career. The truth is that I'm not, I follow way too many blogs to visit each one daily but I do read them, I am interested and that goes for the Tweets I read and the forums I post in. I'm not much of a net worker, I never have been. I've never made a friend thinking " I wonder what this person can do for me" If you are my friend either in real life or in cyberspace then it's because of your value as a human being not opportunities your friendship may or may not present. I want nothing from you but friendship.

Golden Jade and Red Adventurine

I am in real life as rubbish at keeping up with friends as I am in this world but not a day goes by them I don't think about them and when I do meet up with them it's like we haven't been apart.

Golden Jade and Red Agate

As I don't have a market for a month things will be tight financially so I'll have to get more items in my shops soon. My silver order will hopefully arrive tomorrow and I can make more. I have loads of gemstone beads left, I could do with some fresh water pearls and Swarovski to brighten things up a little.

So here's to a productive week and a great weekend. I'm having some friends around on Friday to show off my new garden. In fact I hope my Internet-wary chief bridesmaid is reading this and can make it.

Nighty night.

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Friends of Swifty said...

Beautiful photographs and sincere words.

True friends exist no matter where we meet them :)

I wish you all the best on Monday next & have my fingers crossed that everything works out for you.

Take care.

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