Monday, 24 November 2008

Supply shopping

Tonight mum and I are going paper bag shopping to a local floristry warehouse called Country Baskets. I worked there for a while when I first left Uni. I didn't particularly enjoy the job but the people were really nice and they sell some amazing products. I'm going to buy some little bags for my impending jewellery party on the 5th December. It's at my house so it's friends and family who are coming. I like holding these parties but I really don't want to take advantage of their kindness. The are all hugely supportive and I really appreciate that but I don't want to take their money all the time. I tend to have these parties twice a year and always just before Christmas. This time I think people will really be able to see the new techniques I have learnt and how my work has developed.

The main problem with shopping at CB is the range of products they sell. Honestly the place is massive and they sell dried and silk flowers, baskets, glassware, kitchenware, candles, Christmas decorations, floristry supplies, party products, pottery, dolls house furniture. They also sell beads but they tend to be plastic so I don't bother with them. I don't have a lot of money to spend with Christmas fast approaching so I will have to resist the temptation tonight!
Any money I make is going towards another order but this time I'm only ordering sterling silver. I don't think I'll really use plated much in the future. I also need to buy some sort of display equipment at the moment I have cork boards with velvet on them and Jewellery holders from Ikea which are great.


Gillian said...

Country Baskets sounds amazing!! Best of luck setting up the Jewellery Party.

karisma said...

Good luck with the party! I hope it goes well for you! And what better time to have it? Everyone needs gift ideas at this time of year.

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