Sunday, 23 November 2008

Gluhwein und Haggis

As predicted we had a great time at the German market last night. It was soooo cold though, I must buy some gloves soon or my fingers will leave home.We all had some Gluhwein and I stole the mugs as promised (I will post photo soon) A couple of us had German Sausage with a bread handle. The sausages were about 18inch long and came with a 4 inch bun!! Jimmy and Cathy had crepes.
Then we all had a go on the Carousel, it was ace! My horse was called James and he was the fastest, I won.

After the market we went back to our friends house and had haggis tatties and neeps for tea and stayed over. Over all a great time. Now we are getting ready to go to the pub quiz so I must dash. I'll let you know the score tomorrow.

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