Thursday, 27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving America

To all my American readers I hope you enjoy your turkey or tofu which ever you go for.

It's just plain ole Thursday here in the UK but that does mean that tomorrow is another very lovely Friday and that means weekend Yay! It seems that we are going to be busy every weekend until Christmas now. This Saturday we are Christmas shopping through the day and then in the evening we are going to a charity event my sister has organised at a local pub for a children's hospice, Sunday we are going back to the Christkindelmarkt with some other friends and then later to the pub quiz. The weekend after we are having our pub quiz team annual Christmas dinner. This year as we are all exceptionally poor as most of us have got married this year except one couple who are getting married on the 13th December so we are all putting in a fiver and having the meal at a friends house, it should be fun. The Friday will have been my Jewellery party. The next week is the afore mentioned couples wedding on the Saturday and overspill Christmas shopping on the Sunday. Then on the 20th we are having a Christmas Party at our house and sleeping all day Sunday. I also have to fit in jewellery time around the 40 hours at work! I have to say though, tiring as that might all be, I know it will be great fun!


motley boutique said...

Thank you and happy plain ole Thursday to you. Sounds like you have an extremely busy December. December is always a hectic month, but i do love it so. The lights, music, food, drink, cheer. I simply love it.

April Ellis said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by again. I tried to comment on your blog but couldn't, my puter wont let me dunno why. I love december and your feather headbands are lovely XX

Emilia Jane said...

Happy Thursday to you! Thank you for the nice thoughts.

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