Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Feeling great!

I am just loving the fact that things are going so well for me at the moment. I had a successful weekend at the markets, I've got a market booked for this Saturday, a full weekend of them booked for the week after and so on. I've listed new items on Etsy and opened a shop at Coriandr (Which is wonderfully easy to use) and I've ordered some new display equipment. I've also been tweeting to try advertise my wares.
I know that I have neglected my blog and other sites over the past few months and I need to change that. The only difficulty is that I tend to get hooked on forums and things and I run the risk of my husband forgetting who I am. Work, business and home, it's tough to balance it but if I put the effort into this now one day I can eliminate work and only have two things to balance.

All of the markets are made so much easier by James for just being there. He's only missed one market and that was for our great nephews christening. He doesn't have to stay with me while I'm there but he does anyway and I am so grateful. Maybe it's cause he knows that if all goes to plan he'll have a housewife, cooking and cleaning all day, dinner on the (coffee) table when he gets home, gingham apron and everything!

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Camera Girl said...

Your new items are beautiful <3! So glad to hear your markets are going well!

Ashlee xo

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