Thursday, 2 July 2009

Feelin' hot hot hot

and I don't like it. It's 25degrees at the moment and I'm so not built for the heat. I don't get a tan, I turn into a freckle. I'm sure many of you, especially you guys and gals down under will wonder what the fuss is about. 25 degrees is hardly tropical but me no likey. I'm a big puny wuss! A few more days like this and I'll be praying for an early winter.

I've had a crap few days but I won't go into detail. Lets just say that small minded people really p**s me off. Why pass judgement on everyone else when you yourself are so obviously flawed? Self righteousness is not the way forward, live a little and stop taking yourself so bloody seriously!

Ahhhhhh, that's better. I just hate that one person can have such a massive effect on my mood. It's not a member of my family or a friend I shouldn't care really, but for some weird reason I do.

Never mind, market on Saturday and our nephew and his girlfriends 21st birthday party in the evening. Should be fun, I get to break out my new killer heels, I should take pictures.


John Crow said...

I agree, been a touch too warm this week for me too.
Still 21.7 C outside (9:40pm)Its 26.7 C in here.
Air-Con in the cars be on overtime this week.
Good look with the market at the weekend, hope you haven't melted by then :)

karisma said...

Mwah! big hugs and smoochies xxooxooxx I sometimes let people like that get me down too. Such a bad habit, must stop!

25 degrees is not hot dear, it is what we call a pleasant day. 40 is hot and 45 gets me really moaning. The trick to that lovely porcelain skin you have is to go out in the sun in winter. I kid you not, I also have very pale skin naturally and if I tan in winter, I find summer much easier to bear!

I have had to get used to it living near the beach. When I was younger I hated going out in the sun. But hey if you don't want a tan, wear a big hat!

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