Monday, 8 June 2009

Lovely lovelies

I love meeting new people, especially crafty creative people. I find it hugely inspiring to speak with other jewellery designers so yesterday for that reason was a great day. I attended the Artsmix Jewellery Showcase at the Loft in Leeds. It's a great venue, lovely new york apartment style interior with over sized arched windows and exposed brick work. The downside however was the lack of customers. It's a little off the beaten track, just outside Leeds City Centre, you wouldn't wander there accidental which is unfortunate as accidental customer are an important part of retail, especially in today's financial climate.

Once James and I had set up the table I had a wander around. Being a showcase everyone was selling jewellery which could have been a disaster but everyone had vastly different styles. Some of the pieces on sale were really wonderful. From the whimsical to the super cute to the downright gorgeous . I chatted with all of the lovely ladies above and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Sadly I still can't retire on the profits but I'm getting there, just very very very very very very slowly!

This coming Sunday I will once again be attending the Pudsey Craft market for which I am hoping for good weather as it is outside. I am a big ole wuss, last time the market was on Easter Sunday and it was really sunny but cold and as the night before was James 30th birthday I was reeeaaaaalllly hung over. I even had to throw up in a bin! Yes I reached new heights or elegance and sophistication that day.

So wish me luck, I may need it and take a look at the ladies above, you won't regret it.



karisma said...

Hi sweetie,

I hope you did not go spending any money! LOL! You need to sell your stuff NOT buy more! I know its hard but you must control yourself! Glad you are having so much fun! Been missing you.

Mum xxx

rachellucie said...

hello there! just found you lovely blog. It was great to meet you both too, I had a great day, but as you say, punters were a bit thin on the ground. Thanks for the mention! I've not got round to blogging about it yet.

Glad Pudsey was better, sounds like a good venue.
Rach xx

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