Thursday, 11 September 2008


I recently sold a Swarovski crystal and sterling silver necklace and matching earrings set for £30. I though they got a good deal and so did they. I used over 50 crystals and a lot of silver and it took me about an hour and a half to make. If anything i think it was way under priced but someone i know disputes that. She says that people don't want to pay those prices! The necklace was beautiful, if i do say so myself. I think people are so used to getting mass manufactured items at such a low cost that they forget the value of things. Every piece is hand made, I only use the finest beads and on this occasion the metal was silver. Their argument was that you can't impulse buy at that price and that most of the jewellery she buys is under a fiver. My argument is that....
  1. Some people can impulse buy at that price, not every one earns as little as me! LOL.
  2. Not every purchase is an impulse buy.
  3. It's not mass manufactured or plastic.
  4. I made it so I'll sell it for whatever price I decide! LOL

So I get on my high horse about this but I don't like making jewellery with substandard materials and that is the only way of making cheap handmade jewellery. Anyway, the cheapest item I sell is a pair of Glass and plated silver earrings at £4, is that expensive?

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Laura said...

That's not over-priced at all. Obviously whoever said that does not appreciate how much time goes into creating jewellery, let alone sourcing and buying materials. And then there are your jewellery-making skills and knowledge to take into account too.

Pricing work is a tricky thing but whatever you do, don't let one person's comments lead to you underselling your work.

Laura :o)

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