Friday, 19 September 2008

Pay day!!!!

I've been waiting for this day for what seems like an eternity. Tomorrow i am going crimp tiger tail and bead shopping and i am so excited. I usually use a wholesalers but I've kinda exhausted their product range over the year and now they have stopped selling Swarovski 6mm bicones and i do use a lot of them. Problem is they are really reliable and the only way to get them cheaper is to buy them in the thousands and I really can't afford that yet.

So I'm off to Yum Yum beads in Leeds and I'm going to buy everything, well as much as i can afford. I need loads and loads of crimps and tiger tail and the problem is that being a small shop they don't always have the quantities i need but meh, it'll be reet.

As per usual I've missed out on Laura's beads today. One day I'll get some LOL.

So we are going to Aldos tonight, it's a local Italian Restaurant and it's great. It'll be the first time in ages James and I have been out on our own. I'm really looking forward to it.

Saturday morning I have Asda delivering my shopping and then off to Leeds and then all evening and Sunday will be devoted to jewellery. I will take pictures this weekend promise. I'll put some on Sunday afternoon. Even the Simms won't get a look in this weekend.

Then it'll be off on my weekly pilgrimage to the pub quiz where we'll be seeing Neil for the first time in ages! He's part of the original team and has been living in Barcelona for ages! It'll be good to have him back and we can change our team name to something other that "No more Neils"

Overall a great weekend awaits me, hopefully!

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You should try Soft Flex. :)


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