Monday, 29 September 2008

No Monday blues here

I have noticed recently how quickly the weeks have been going by, it's great when Friday comes around quickly but before you know it it's Monday and it all starts again. But why do we dread that so much? The cycle of life is filled with lots of little cycles, days, weeks, months, years. And yes for the most part our lives are routine. Get up, go to work, come home, sleep, start over again. It sounds monotonous doesn't it but its the little things in between that which make a day special. At work I have my own office and one wall is entirely glass, I love it because sometimes I can just spin my chair round and gaze at the sky and the trees (and the motorway and the industrial units!) and if I'm having a difficult day I can think how small my problems are in the great scheme of things. It's funny how three trees and a piece of sky can make me so happy.

I have to admit, I really dislike monotony and routine. I am chaotic and I love it. I do wish I could be tidier and more organised but I would hate the rigidity of a routine. I don't want to eat fish and chips every Friday or a roast dinner every Sunday. I don't want to have a morning routine. I understand that if you have children it can be necessary but I don't. I have known people who eat the same thing for dinner every week, like Monday; Pasta Bake, Tuesday; Pork chops etc. If it works for them then great but it's not for me, there is enough routine in my life with work. I value my freedom and I love my random life.

hmm, I've made myself want fish and chips now!

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