Monday, 22 September 2008

Glorious weekend

So this weekend was great, the meal was really good. It was so nice to go out on our own, even if it was only across the road!

I cleaned out my food cupboard, there was a bottle of sushi vinegar dated 2005!!!

I had so much fun buying beads, then we went to our friends and had a barbecue as the weather was so good. Yeah, Saturday was a great day.

Sunday was spent making jewellery which was great. I made such a mess in the living room. The only problem is that a couple of months ago I was hospitalised after having a number of siezures. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I'm okay now, the Epilepsy seems to be responding well to the medication i'm on and I haven't had a fit for ages. However, I tore several ligaments in my back and chest as the fits were so violent and it takes a long time for ligaments to heal so i get a lot of back pain and leaning over a beading tray can be very painful. I wish I had a dining table to work on but sadly I have no room for one in my little house.

I was going to make a Christmas cake but before i knew it it was 5.30pm and that's a bit late to start making a fruit cake.

Overall a great weekend, i'm just sorry it's over so soon


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Well done Dad!!

I saw my Step Mum today and she tells me that my Dad won some prizes for his vegetables at a recent fair! I don't know much about it and my Dad doesn't even know that i have a blog but......

Well done Dad


I can't believe it. It's 4.50pm and it's practically dark! The clouds are very threatening and heavy and are blocking all the sunlight. The weather at the weekend was great so I can't moan really. It's usually sunny at work and rainy at home LOL


That’s what jewellery making gives me. It’s that excitement I get when I think about what I’m going to make next. Creating something and seeing people wear it. My good friend Cathy buys an awful lot of my jewellery and wears it a lot and I love that. Plus she always looks lovely so she’s a really great advertisement for me.

The prospect of making jewellery makes me so excited, I'll be going home soon and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea, put some Voyager on and get my pliers out. I've got some beautiful Green Lamp work beads to work with. They aren't exactly up to the standards I've seen set on various blogs I read but for 50p each, you can't complain.

I just get so excited at the prospect of making a living out of something I love so much. How many people hate their jobs? One of my friends cries herself to sleep at night worrying about work, I’ve been there I know how that feels and what a negative impact it has on the rest of your life. Luckily I do like my current job and I would only leave here to make and sell my wares full time, but that’s a long way off yet. We should all strive to achieve our personal goals. I believe we get one life and we have to really live it.

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Okay so I promised but...

I got so carried away making jewellery that I forgot to photograph it. Actually I forgot to ask James to do it. He did fine art at university and he takes really good photos whereas my creativity does not extend that far!

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Gill said...

Looking forward to seeing some of your jewellery creations! Gx

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