Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wow is it really Easter already? So it's officially spring and am I glad to see the back of Winter. I don't care if it snows or rains, in my head it's spring. It's been a crazy few months, winter is the busiest time of year at work and it has been seriously crazy this year with the extreme temperatures. Team that with the launch of a new business, jewellery designing and endless craft fairs and you've got a hectic few months. On Sunday I attended my first craft fair of the new year as a seller only. It was a little quiet but as always a good day out. I have another one this Saturday at Pudsey. I was surprised to see just how little stock I currently have but as I now work exclusively in silver it's hard to have a large amount of stock as it's so expensive.

So this week I am going to make as many lovely new pieces as possible ready for Saturdays market.

Then on Monday it's James' birthday. Not sure how we will be celebrating yet, that probably depends on how successful Saturday is!

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