Monday, 19 October 2009

Well I don't know about anyone else but I had a great time at Ripley this Sunday. Okay, so I made a loss, albeit a tiny one but as always I had fun. I met lots of lovely people and had several cups of free tea!

The place was great, the people and products were great and Elizabeth, the organiser was great, however there just weren't enough customers. The town was very quiet and the lord of the manor (how posh does that sound?) wouldn't allow much signage to be displayed and what was had to be in black and white. It was Elizabeth's first foray into event organising and I think she did a great job just for whatever reason it didn't work out too well for everyone. I will be attending the next one because it's November and it's in4expensive to book the table and I had fun!

You see something some crafters don't think about is that if you don't support people like Elizabeth who are working to provide us with venues in which to sell they'll never be successful. There aren't enough good fairs out there and I commend her and thank her for giving me the opportunity to sell at the fair.

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elizabeth said...


It's so nice to get positive feedback about it, and I think exactly the same as you - it was a fun day and I'm glad I did it!

It seems the only people who are negative about it are the ones who were expecting to make a million in one day.

They also seem to think I should have done this, that, and whatever and don't realise how hard it actually is to organise something like this (not to mention I'm organising Three of them and a charity bake sale at the same time).

Like we said on the day, I know who to encourage to come back, and who to stay away from...and I have loads of ideas of better locations and advertising.

Thanks so much for being positive and you're definitely on the nice list hehe!

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