Thursday, 5 March 2009

Yup, you guessed it .... I'm excited!

After being stood all day in the cold on Saturday and earning very little for it my darling husband decided that there must be better markets around that are more established and more geared towards art and less towards bought in stuff. So I suggested that even though I had searched extensively (obviously not that extensively) that he should look for himself and he did.

Well that clever boy of mine succeeded and found a company called Artsmix . So I had a look on their website and it looked great, so good in fact that I didn't think there would be any stalls left.

Despite my doubts I emailed the very nice lady and she sent me some application forms which I filled in and set back with photographs of my work. I ticked every date hoping that at least one would be available. Well she emailed me today and I've been accepted on every date I applies for, that's one a month from May until November and then three in December. I was amazed! Now the only issue is paying the £320 fee.

I have also been ringing around for public Liability insurance and I found that by becoming a member of the National Market Traders Federation for £78.00 I get public, product and employers liability insurance. How great is that?

All I have to do now is pull £398 from somewhere...any suggestions?


karisma said...

Wow! Apart from this being amazing Im amazed at how many times you have posted the past few days! hehe! Good luck with it!

Now if only I could win the lotto or something! I could make all of my babies happy this week.

April Ellis said...

Hey, LOL I'm loving posting at the moment!
Don'r worry i'm going to with the euro millions lottery tonight. Thats 194,497,053.02 AUD. I think that'll do!

April Ellis said...

anyway, off to post again

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